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i was un packing, and the straighner was still in the box and in the cushions and it fell like 3 feet from the ground and the plate broke! so finally last week I called the number on my reciept and a woman picked up and i told her my situation on what happen.

she said i could go back to the same mall and exchange it, just bring it in the box and the receipt!

Has anyone been able to exchange it using the warranty?

This lady from amika pulled us over and wanted to show us her product! I've been devastated because im only fricken 14 and can't afford another 140$ for a new one. after the plate broke were you able to exchange it?Amika and its reps just vanished, but they told me to go to Sephora to exchange it..said that if you buy a product out in the mall it is just a trial to make it to the big department stores. I bought my iron at a hair show for professionals only.Also, the man tried to sell me another iron, buy one get one free. Funny thing is, my receipt doesn't say Amika on it.I also realized that you cannot get a new one, the warranty doesn't cover EVERYTHING like the lady said. I have the reciept and the warranty information and am willing to send it in IF they send me a new one.I haven't had any problems with mine and I bought it 02/2010 but the plate broke a couple of months ago and is now pulling our hair and breaking it off when it gets caught in the broken plate.

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