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The person with agoraphobia experiences anxiety in situations where escape is difficult or help is unavailable-or in certain situations, such as being alone.While many people are somewhat apprehensive in these situations, the hallmark of agoraphobia is that a person's active avoidance of the feared situation impairs his or her ability to work, socialize, or otherwise function.Agoraphobia differs from phobic states which are more limited and are evoked by a specific palette of situations.

People who suffer from panic attacks should discuss the problem with a physician.

characterized by intense, irrational fear of open spaces, especially a marked fear of being alone or of being in public places where escape would be difficult or help might be unavailable.

It may be associated with panic attacks (see agoraphobia without history of panic disorder agoraphobia with fear of having an attack of one or only a few incapacitating or embarrassing symptoms, which the person may or may not have had in the past, rather than a full panic attack.

This helps break the mental connection between the situation and the fear, anxiety, or panic.

Patients may also benefit from psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy, discussing underlying emotional conflicts with a therapist or support group.

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