Dating someone from a different background

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Being open to other cultures and subcultures, makes the world a bigger and better place to live in – for you. Think about it; you have two minds coming together to share a segment of life together. Different genders will process thought, and communicate, differently.

Those different minds are probably what attracted you to each other in the first place.

Don’t waste time trying to change your partner though; that will just make YOU crazy.But this girl i dated for a while had money and she would throw it up to me. I think as long as both people understand that the other came from a different background and try to understand life in their shoes, it can work.So that is why i tryed being the wanna be rich kid ha i know at the time it was stupid i was young i learn over the years just be yourself no matter what... But it takes being honest, OP, which it sounds like you've already figured out. the truth will ALWAYS unveil itself and at the cost of your integrity. and hopefully your mate will understand that you two didn't come from the same neck of the woods.Good relationships are built on honesty, mutual respect, and compromise through love and effective communication.The moral of this (my) story is that if you want a good and lasting relationship, no matter any cultural differences, be honest about the challenges and then be true to you.

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