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Strangely enough, I still had a good time watching it. I just got so shocked when during an interview with a co cast of 'no breathing', she said that Lee jong suk smokes still cant imagine it (she was talkin bout maybe they had a kiss scene, and he smelled like smooke cuz he smoked so much) Woooh!!! ,,,,i'm looking forward to watch this movie that's why i really read updates about the movie because of KWON YURI but upon reading the notes today i will surely watch this movie!!!

After a few minutes, you can tell the movie's quality is aimed real low ... Having a scene filmed in DAVAO really got my attention!!!

Won-Il (Seo In-Guk) is gifted swimmer, but stopped participating in the sport. I'm happy that this movie wasn't a love-dovey shit movie. Legs go up when they dive, heads aren't down, all have overreach, basically all technique is just wrong...

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This is one of the worst movies I have watched this year. But if the acting is so bad well just stick with commercials ahhmmmm Suzy....~~~~ piz To: Lee Jong Suk, i hope you will be the of the actor i ever love. They are only acting..though you don't like or like. I kept telling myself this movie will get better throughout the movie but.never did. I'm not really into Kdramas or Asian movies for that matter but I guess this movie was alright, I mean I managed to make it 3 thirds of the way through the movie before dying of boredom.They knew each other when they were young and yea, Woosang liked Jungeun since he was young. YURI, FIGHTING LOL.are these hatred comments and stupid remarks i'm seeing..it's not like you can watch it in KR.just STFU!! While Wonil was like a soulmate with Jungeun since little. It'd be a bigger hit if it was released back in the summer. There's a subplot with her and some friends trying to make it as a rock/pop group, so she pretty much stayed within this comfortable range (smile, play nice girlfriend, aspire to become a singer etc). You'll just have to watch it whenever it's available to you. Lee Jong-Suk's character is very static - he plays this way too cool kid and doesn't or is not allowed to show more emotion. Some of his characteristics is stuff you would see in the Three Stooges. ;))) Is there a new trend for pretty boys in sport competitions these days??? for God's sakes ..i don't want Yuri to get partner or have a love line with those two guys either .do i have a choice ? NO I don't have..i have to accept because i support YURI.. Yuri got chosen director and the writer see that she fits to play the role..it's a writer and director instinct and decision.she don't end up or ended up with any of those guys.doesn't have anything to do with any of you, bitters.it's scriptwriter's written story plot from the very start evn b4 the casting.

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