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Eventually Scott discovers B has using a mirror he carved out of ice to melt the Maggot's fort.

Scott ruins B's efforts by throwing a snowball at the mirror, changing the mirror's angle so that it melted the Rat's fort, thereby costing them the challenge and framing B in the process.

Throughout the season, Scott has a devious mind and makes his team lose on purpose.

Despite his manipulative nature, Scott does not appear to be particularly intelligent, as shown by his taunting of Fang, or his several injuries.

"Scheming Scott", as Chris calls him, is the main antagonist of his debut season.

He loves telling others what to do, yet states that he enjoys taking orders as well (albeit only from certain people).

Scott continues his plans of sabotaging his own team in Finders Creepers, and has his work cut out for him when Dawn and Lightning are quickly captured by the spider, so that only he and Sam are the only team members remaining.However, in Ice Ice Baby, Dawn implies that Scott has a less devious side to him, and that his nasty side is prominent due to "not being held enough as a child".In Total Drama All-Stars, his better side is seen, and Scott's antagonistic role is shrunk a large amount.However, it's possible that he's simply bad with metaphors.Scott does not come off as the friendliest person when he's first introduced, exchanging insults with Jo, and refusing to help a troubled Cameron.

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